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Latest version of the ELM map.

Realised I had lost the final map for this, even though I had a print of it. So had to re-create it.

6d6Modern-Character sheet.pdf

6d6 form fillable character sheet.

Adaptions, personal campaigns and works in progress:

Fallen Cities RPG.

Apocalypse World hack.


Campaign world map

El Mythico Boardgame

Weird Wars Rome

Campaign story arc.

Map artwork progression.

Eclipse Phase/Savaged.

Conversion of Eclipse Phase to Savage Worlds.

Spirit of the Century.

Ideas for a game using SOTC rules.

Fantasy Trip: Apocalypse (RPG)

One of the original rpg's converted to post apocalypse scenario.

Dark Sun SW (RPG)

Conversion of the D&D game to SW.

Fading Suns SW (RPG)

Savage Worlds adaption of the original FS game

Mechanoids SW (RPG)

Science fiction pulp game using the Savage Worlds rules system.

Hell on Earth (RPG)

Apocalyptic science fiction fantasy role playing game.

Balkania (PBM)

Rules for a Play-by-Mail game that was never developed. Evolved from the previous El Mythico system.

Chill (RPG)

Horror role-playing using the Mayfair rules.

Dark Conspiracy (RPG)

Campaign using the Dark Conspiracy rules.

Deadlands (RPG)

Wild west horror role playing using the Deadlands and Deadlands Reloaded rules.

Fading Suns (RPG)

Fantasy science fiction setting using the original FS rules.

Hero Quest (RPG)

Role playing in Glorantha with the latest Runequest inspired game systems.

Midgard (PBM)

Play-by-mail ancients wargame.

Swift Swords (RPG)

In house fantasy role playing game in development.

Traveller SW (RPG)

A friends game, work in progress.

Old Aegyptvs (RPG/SW)

RPG setting in ancient egypt using either the Savage Worlds rules system, or the in house Aegyptvs system which is still being developed.

Xp System (RPG)

Work in progress.

Pulp - Spirit of the Century (RPG)

Work in progress.

Crystalcore (RPG)

Work in progress

Valairium (Fantasy Trip Campaign)

Savage Runequest.

An adaption of RuneQuest to the Savage Worlds system.

Trinity Fillable Character Sheet

Runequest NPC fillable form... see Downloads for PDF.

Isometric map.

Latest version of Runequest character sheet

A lighter version (L).

Fallen Cities character types (changing the name)


Characters are what players use as personas within the story. Like an actor adopts a character in a movie and acts the role of that character.

The full creation rules for each character can be found in their relevant playbooks, following is an exposition of the common and basic values involved.

In Fallen Skies players have a choice of 8 character types to chose from, but only one of each type can be in the game at anytime, unless you have 9 players (which is too many by the way). Your GM may alter this for their game. Each character is a member of a team, called Cleaners by their City, and has a specific role within that team, as follows:

1. Grenadiers - heavy weapons, augmented armour.

2. Voltigeurs - electric weaponry.

3. Carboniers - carbons weapons, normally swords, glaives or other melee types.

4. Hospitaliers - medic.

5. Fusiliers - gunmen, conventional and carbon.

6. Techniciens - technical support, repairs, comms and scientific equipment.

7. Scouts - reconnaissance, perception and stealth.

8. Sappers - explosives, mines.

The use of French role names is purely for colour, and the two wonderful puns they allow.

If you have less than 8 players drop the higher numbered characters, so 4 players would use characters 1-4, etc. Your GM may allow you to use any they are happy to go with. With 4 or less players give everyone two characters.

Mapping Cards

New card sets available on DrivethruRpg.

Runequest 2 re-edition.

PDF 2 sheets.

Fallen Cities - City Map - draft.

Fallen Cities RPG.

A new project I have added to my work load, sigh.

2. City & Corporation

The Social Statement.

The game will have several social statements: Radicalised distribution of wealth, Thoughtless use of technology for the benefit of the Few, Oppression by a godlike minority over the mass of humanity, The Struggle for freedom, Sarcastic commentary on Capitalism via a Corporate Structure, Bigotry and Prejudice and Racism on an economic basis. I make no apology for them, they are in there to set the scene and support the scenario. I don’t need to be correct, it’s a fantasy game, but these are issues that we already face in our real world, I hope (or despair) that your players rise above them.

Players will be selected from ‘The Grounded’ (people who live on the ground), for their optimal genetic parameters, modified to a degree to make them better than they should be. So player characters are better than normal people to begin with. The City will take them in at about age 10, educate, indoctrinate and train them to be soldiers of the City. At age 18 they are sent to their Team assignments. The Rich will consider them only slightly better than tools. They are weapons of the City to be deployed as the City wishes, to fulfill its needs.

The Big Lie: Cleaners (what your characters are called by the City) are told that if they serve the City well for 20 years they will be retired and given citizenship to the City. Stories will exist amongst the Cleaner teams of soldiers who have achieved this, but these are simply propaganda spread by the City. The City would never allow such filth into their perfect world. The GM should at all times toe the line that this is true, of course it is!

Many of the cities that have survived will be based on a Corporate model, either built and owned by a mega-corp, or populated by people who got where they are via the Corporate System and believe it is The Answer (because it worked for them). The People of The City have told themselves a Big Lie as well, and over the years have totally come to believe it.

The players will be assigned a Commander from the City/Corporation, who will control their missions and assets and review their performance. There will be many teams working for the City, and the corporate system will have them compete against each other to ensure ‘performance’. Thier Commanders will be on Performance Pay and will run their team as a business, ruthlessly. They will conduct ‘performance reviews’ of each member of the team, using guidelines they develop and which the players will need to learn. As in any such autocratic system, those guidelines can be changed without your permission, or even your awareness. The GM is encouraged to change the performance parameters regularly. You are a pawn of the City. Despair is just one of the tools The City uses.

Your Commanders loath you. A Commander's job is considered a severe punishment for any citizen of the City, the lowest of the low without actually losing citizenship. Commanders get out of their jobs by getting their Teams to perform, to collect MIASMA. Commanders think you are nothing more than hairless apes (with apologies to apes). The GMs should act with contempt and hatred, resignation, depression, hopelessness, anger etc. Get your Thesaurus out and look up all the synonyms for disgusting racist bigots, and use them for the mood and attitude of your Commander toward you.

Your mission is to make your players seek HOPE as a way of escaping the vicious spiral of despair that the City offers.

If you want an excellent idea of how your Commander might treat you watch a clip of Full Metal Jacket (movie) where the Drill Sergeant introduces himself to his troops.


The story begins about 200 years into our future, so roughly 2300CE.

Wealth has become concentrated in the top 1% to an unhealthy level. The world economy is dominated by corporate entities that have worked to reduce costs via the reduction of wages and conditions, as well as mass production and automation. The middle class as a social entity has been destroyed, replaced with a larger ‘working class’ that has been neutered via automation and internationalisation. Poverty and unemployment is rampant in nearly all areas of the world, but token relief programs (mass produced and automated) are offered by those ‘in power’ to ensure starvation and disease do not get out of control. Life is still bleak for the poor.

The ‘poor’ and ‘working class’ are controlled and monitored, privacy is a right only for the ‘rich’. ‘Hope’ is offered in the form of ‘Lotteries’ and ‘Internships’. The Lotteries offer the dream of wealth. Internships offer the hope of improvement and social mobility, but in reality siphon off those who show talent and conformity into the ‘rich’, depriving the ‘workers’ of leadership and inspiration.

The wealth of the Rich however is so great that they can use their technology and resources to continue to oppress the workers and the poor without fear of them rising up. The Rich isolate themselves in ‘country villas/estates’, ‘private enclaves’ and ‘city precincts’. All of these are walled and guarded areas, even to the point of having a ‘green barrier’ (parklands) around them for increased protection.

The working class get power for essentials and for mass media to keep them ‘entertained’. Food is provided free of charge for those who cannot provide their own, but it is a form of ‘gruel’ provided through ‘Community Centres’. The barest medical services are maintained, mostly to control outbreaks of sickness that might impinge on the Rich or work performance.

Fusion power is available and power is no longer an issue to those who can control it. The working class however still pay at a scale dating back 100 years as the rich use this as a form of tax to milk them of hope.

The world is a starkly contrasting place of luxury and bland survival.

A limited form of anti-gravity engine (AGE) is developed. This allows a bubble/ovoid of anti-gravity to be created that can control the amount of gravity exerted on the bubble and its contents, the net effect of which is that the bubbles and their contents can be moved away from the surface of the earth, but NOT out of the gravity well altogether. There are some tolerance issues that cannot be overcome. Effectively it means the bubble can lift to about a height of 200m, after which the physics become dangerous and unstable. There is a maximum size to this bubble, around 5 miles in diameter, but optimal size will be around 1 mile in diameter. Smaller than 200m the bubbles become unstable and require exponential power supplies.

The development of this technology was initially driven by the mining industry, giving them the ability to lift a huge amount of dirt in a semi-controlled fashion and gaining fast and easy access to resources below the surface via a new form of ‘open cut’ mining. Once the technology became feasible and went into proto-typing other industries jumped on the band wagon, such as entertainment/fun park enterprises, gambling casinos and eventually The Rich.

These bubbles must be maintained, requiring a fusion reactor within the bubble providing power. If the bubble fails the contents crash to the ground. For that reason everyone agreed that bubbles did not move, they remained over their craters. Not to mention that the energy required to move one laterally was enormous (the AGE only worked against gravity, not inertia). And to top it all off we will say that moving the bubble puts stress on it. Not to say that the craters were not then developed by real-estate companies and sold off to those workers who could afford it, or were housed within it for ease of access to the enclave above it.

Once the technology was proven to be fail safe (as safe a fusion reactors), the Rich leapt on it. Those ‘precincts’ in cities became airborne, they were LIFTED away from the dangers of the surface world and the ‘surface people’. Rich Precincts around the world were LIFTED, in small numbers initially but then in greater numbers as it became obvious that a new class of people were being created (The Lifted). The Rich now not only controlled the vast majority of the world’s wealth but they were essentially also separated from the rest of the world’s population.


Around 20 years after the first permanent LIFTED bubble was created (mining bubbles were lifted and then DROPPED after the crater had been exploited), Skynet Adventure World, the first RIFT appeared. Apparently the Anti-gravity field caused damage to the barriers between our dimension and another dimension. With time the damage increased and the other side was able to penetrate into our world. The first RIFT was the first successful breach of the barrier by the other side… and the monsters moved in.

Once a RIFT occurs the region around the RIFT changes, the physics of the two worlds mix and overlap. This results in the anti-gravity engine failing and the disc DROPPING (suddenly).

The RIFT happens out to about 20 times the radius of the bubble, so a 1 mile bubble will have a 20 mile diameter RIFT zone. Within the RIFT zone a fog appears, covering the entire area in a heavy fog like vapour that is risky for humans over extended periods of exposure. The fog has a reddish tinge to it, combined with the fogs reduction of sunlight, this causes a unsettling blood colour to blanket the area. It also has a subtle bitter, metallic taste.

Then the monsters move in. The monsters appear as a thick sparkling vapour, difficult to see within the fog, but those trained to spot them can. This ‘natural’ form of the aliens, a vapourous form, makes them mostly immune to conventional weapons, but new means have been discovered as will be explained later.

The alien will move to possess (as in a spirit) any non-living material, including vehicles, buildings, the ground or dead bodies. Once the creature has possessed the item it will control it, animate it. Eg a car or bus will move as if controlled by a driver and having a working engine (and usable wheels). A building will be haunted and the creature will have poltergeist like powers. A body will become a zombie.

The creatures will then begin to customise their ‘body’, to whatever macabre self image it may have.

The creatures are very good with metals, being able to radically change their forms, and quickly.

Once the Rifts started it was eventually realised what was happening and all anti-gravity engines were required to DROP, but the ‘Rich’ had other ideas. Instead of abandoning their positions of invulnerability they developed an alternative, the RAISED PLATFORM. Using materials developed for the Space Escalator (carbon fibre fullerenes-buckyballs), they constructed platforms that would carry the weight of their domains at a height of 50-100 meters above the crater they came from. This took time of course and in that time more and more RIFTS began appearing and discs DROPPING.

But converting to a RAISED city didn’t stop the RIFTs, once they began they started appearing everywhere that an anti-gravity machine had been turned on. The world economy crashed. Panic. Disaster. Apocalypse.

The world the players will exist in is post apocalyptic for most purposes. The world economy is mostly destroyed. International and intercontinental infrastructure is mostly disrupted. Air travel is almost gone as most of the worlds major airports are within Rifts. Even sea travel has some issues as ‘Lifts’ were done over some ocean areas for mining. Most of the Lowlands of Holland and the Netherlands are one huge Rift as they had raised the land and then re-settled it at a higher level.

Several hundred major cities or Corporate Estates, (the rich ones who could ‘Lift’ themselves first, and thus ‘Dropped’ first) have crashed back to earth catastrophically. The remainder of the ‘Lifted’ cities and estates have converted to ‘Raised’ platforms, standing on pillared superstructures, or have ‘resettled’ back on the ground. Rifts have now appeared beneath, or over, all of them, where-ever an AGE was turned on.

The players are elite soldiers, selected from the population for specific traits and abilities. They are trained and educated from about 10 years of age to be soldiers, within the City. Most of them are drawn from the ‘workers’, but occasionally a ‘Citizen’ is selected (although it is considered a drop in status by other Citizens). They are kept in separate enclaves, sealed off from the City proper.

You will work as part of a team of ‘Cleaners’ that are sent out into the Rift to kill aliens. To clean away the filth.

Cleaners are selected not only for their physical and mental superiority, but also for genetic traits that suggest they have, or may gain what are called ‘Rift Powers’. These are what we would call ‘pyschic powers’, but nearly all of them have manifested since the arrival of the Rifts. Continued exposure to the Rift results in the accumulation of Rift Radiation that causes mutations within the human body. Some of these changes are good, and some of them are bad, a lot of them are both.

Their ROLES:

Players will be formed into TEAMS by their sponsor city, equipped, trained, indoctrinated and sent out on missions to collect MIASMA (alien remains). Amongst other things.

Welcome to the Present.

A world where Raised Cities sit on platforms 100-200 meters above the ground, inhabited by the Rich. Where the Poor and desperate huddle under its shadow and around its feet. Where the Rift covers all the surrounding land in a thick fog of despair. Where Aliens stalk, possessing Things, and turning them into Horrors.

But every cloud has a silver lining, and the silver in this case is MIASMA. When an Alien is slain its remains transform into silvery MIASMA, a goo like substance that contains the secrets of eternal youth and good health. The Rich know how to do this, and they keep it to themselves mostly. In fact they desire more of it, so they have created elite soldier teams, Cleaners, who they send out to kill Aliens and collect their MIASMA.

This is what you, the players, are. Cleaners. Mercenary elites serving the all craving City.

The City.

Is just a city, not a specific city.

The people of the City are just people. They have no specific colour, religion or nationality. They are RICH! Wealth has put them beyond the concepts of nationality, race or religion, and arguably beyond morale responsibility for their actions. The people of the City are healthy and very intelligent. They are genetically modified to be exceptional beings, both physically and mentally. Cleaners get modified also, but only to enhance what they need to perform their work. The people of the City prosper, live fruitful and content lives, have children and prosperity. They are all highly educated using the most advanced mind training available. Some of them are geniuses. They have very few problems they cannot solve if they apply themselves to it. They believe that theirs is the only manner via which humanity will prosper. They believe that nothing can be done for the Poor, and to waste resources trying to save them is a waste. They believe that the Poor are merely a resource that they can use to support their way of life. They are indoctrinated by their own system to believe this. They embrace it.

The players do not get to visit the City, they only exist within the sealed enclave of the Cleaners world, beneath the City. The only City person who interacts with them is their Commander. A team of support staff exist who tend to the needs of the Cleaners, but they are ‘Ground’ people who have been elevated to the role, and part of that role is they do not form any attachment to the Cleaners they serve. They are rotated frequently, or disposed of, there are plenty more where they come from.

The City, what the players do know of it from glimpses during their training, is paradise. What they have seen, what they have been told, every piece of evidence they have supports this fact. To be a Citizen of the City is something to be desired, to be craved. As Cleaners, one of your offered rewards is to gain Citizenship of the City, after appropriate service. You have never met anyone who has attained this, why would you, as Citizens you never met them. You have no reason to doubt that this is true, Cleaners do grow older, leave and become Citizens, don’t they?

The City has infinite power in the form of a fusion reactor. It is capable to making its own fuel for the reactor, so it will last forever. The City also still has an Anti-Gravity Engine. Currently it is turned off due to problems getting it to work with the Rift present. The City one day hopes to solve this problem and take to the sky again.

The physical world of the City is divided into several distinct areas. The Citizens area consists of buildings and parks and whatever other structures they feel they need. They have the technology to build anything they want, they may not have the resources to do so however. The Citizens world is on top of the disc, in the sunlight, away from the ground and the Poor. It rises into the sky and the clouds.

Beneath the Citizens area is the Underground section of the disc. This is a labyrinth of tunnels and rooms where the rest of the people of the City live. The Cleaners, the support staff, the servants and workers who keep the City running. Nearly all of them are sealed off from the surface world.

Beneath the disc is the Platform, a massive structure with pillars that hold the City raised above the ground some 250 metres, and the crater from which it was raised. The Platform is constructed from amazing materials that will last long past the end of this story, and can never be damaged or brought down by any means available to the Revolution. The Aliens cannot touch it either, the entire structure is electrified to prevent them coming anywhere near it. (And no the electrical fields will not fail, or be sabotaged. They have multiple layers of redundancy so that short of an earthquake of monumental proportions, they will remain functioning). Hmmm monumental earth quakes….

The City only has a few needs. It needs some raw materials as it’s recycling is not perfect. It gains these by paying for the poor to bring them to the City Market where they trade technology, health and education. If the Revolution could create an embargo on the City, it might have problems after about 20 years with raw materials needs.

The other really, really valuable thing the City wants, and cannot get from anywhere else, is MIASMA.

To get this the city created the Cleaners, who hunt down and kill the Aliens and collect MIASMA. The Poor occasionally luck out and kill an Alien, and will trade MIASMA at the market, but the City needs, craves, more. This is where a Revolution could hurt the City, by cutting off its supply of MIASMA. That is unlikely however, as the Cleaners and the City, with its technology, could easily wipe out any resistance that could be raised.

In fact why does the City even bother with Cleaners? They have robots and flying machines and bombs. The reason of course is MIASMA, which requires human skills, human touch, human understanding, to collect. The Aliens have no problems dealing with robots, they just possess them! But human soldiers cannot be possessed, they can only be killed (and then possessed).

Bringing the City down, literally or metaphorically, is not part of the story. Do not even bother with it. At the EndGame the future of the City will be decided, not before. The City is there to support the Cleaners and their mission - Hope or Despair.


4 orc races. Art by: Eric Quigley -

Updated poster

Dust storm over the Iron Mountains as seen from the Red River Valley side.

The first of the character art - 8 goblin races. Art by: Eric Quigley -

Sarmarkand: The Cinque.

Sarmarkand Map.

Cartography by Glynn Seal -

The start of a new project, SARMARKAND. Some art I commissioned by Jeff Brown.


The Abyss Tree.

The Redlands

The Spike

Dragon Pass.

The King and Queen

The Craterlands.

The Jungle

The Ice Sheet

Viriconium - City of Spires

San Lando - City of Pirates.

Helles, City of Walls

Eret Nor - The Watchtower.

The Great Northern Glacier

The Chaos Vine.

Mapping Cards

Has gone up on DriveThru.

Mapping Cards now has 25 different card sets:

Common Cards, Fantasy Dungeon, Guide to Using, Secret Base, Spaceship, Orbital Station, Sky Scraper, Dirigible, Ocean Liner, Haunted Mansion, Desert, Deserted Island, Ancient Temple, Dark Forest, Chase Cards, The Dragon's Lair, Necropolis, Swamp, Shopping Mall, BUGS!, Hospital, Industrial Plant, Village, Sewers, Oil Refinery, Shopping Mall, Medieval Castle.

Swift Swords – Underworld.

SS/Underworld is a multi-player card game in which you play a fantasy Hero in search of a legendary treasure, guarded by a legendary Monster – THE VAULT. Players compete with each other to reach the Treasure Vault, fighting the other players, the terrain, and monsters along the way.

Play is in turns, each player performing a single action of their choice, but many of the actions can involve other players, as a friend or as a foe.

A number of CLUE cards are used that need to be discovered, that will allow you to enter the Vault and defeat the Vault Monster.

Death is not a Heroes prerogative, and in Underworld you cannot die, instead you simply get beat up and may have to approach your mission in a new way, re-thinking your tactics and possibly trying to ally with another beaten up Hero to overcome the beater.

The game can be played as single session winner takes the glory, or it can be played as a campaign where your character can improve and grow stronger.

The SS/Underworld game set is all you need to play the Basic game. It has been designed for expansion however, both by me through kits, and by you through your own efforts. All the materials you will need to make your own cards and adapt the game in any way you see fit are provided.

SSU uses a LOT of d6! You should have at least 20 dice, but you don’t have to.

Available at:

El Mythico - The Boardgame. ver 9 of the map.

Swift Swords UNDERWORLD - a card game for 2-8 players.

You can purchase a physical copy at:

Its $69.99 plus postage, so it isnt all that cheap but you do get 500+ cards in the game.

Get a free copy of the rules, or a Print&Play copy of the game for $10 at

You can get a FREE PNP copy of the Basic game (number of cards have been cut back) at Drivethru also.

Commercial offerings:

Dwarven Keep GM Aid.

Dwarven Keep is a set of basic maps for use any any fantasy role playing game.

The maps are without adornment, GMs can add their own final touches to them as they see fit. They are also hand drawn and deliberately left ‘rough’ in some areas. I could have gone over them with a graphics tool but I personally like the hand drawn look&feel.

The maps are designed with a square grid for use in the virtual desktop tool – MapTool ( Maptool is a free package and I encourage you to use it. It is however not required to use these maps as play aids.


The dwarven keep can be used in a number of ways, some of which follow:

  • A wilderness fort, long abandoned and now controlled by Orcs and Worgs.

  • A key fort in a line of defences that has fallen to an invading enemy.

  • An ancient fort that is now used by human settlers and hunters.

  • A fort recently reclaimed by dwarves, but which they have been unable to re-enter due to hostile inhabitants.

The Castle of the Hand - GM Aid

The Castle of the Hand is a set of basic maps for use any any fantasy role playing game.

The maps are without adornment, GMs can add their own final touches to them as they see fit. They are also hand drawn and deliberately left rough in some areas. I could have gone over them with a graphics tool but I personally like the hand drawn look&feel.

The maps are designed with a square grid for use in the virtual desktop tool ¡V MapTool ( Maptool is a free package and I encourage you to use it. It is however not required to use these maps as play aids.


The Castle of the Hand can be used in a number of ways, some of which follow:

  • As an ancient abandoned tower now inhabited by the undead and various other abominations left behind by the long past Sorceror of the Hand.

  • As a dark and brooding home of the supremely powerful Sorceror of the Hand, who requires defeat.

  • An out of the way, mostly unknown or ignored tower of evil. Where dimensional warps and evil experiments have gone horribly wrong, leaving the structure in a constant state of warfare between the various levels.

  • As the central control point of an orc invasion, masterminded by the evil Lord of the Hand.

The Tower of the Hand is called thus due to its Five Towers, that stand out like fingers from and outstretched hand emerging from the ground. Legend has it that the towers were the home of the Five Wives of the Lord of the Hand. Each was imprisoned in their own tower, and the Lord who visit them as he chose.

The Green Dragon Fortress

The maps are without adornment, GMs can add their own final touches to them as they see fit. They are also hand drawn and deliberately left ‘rough’ in some areas. I could have gone over them with a graphics tool but I personally like the hand drawn look&feel.

The maps are designed with a square grid for use in the virtual desktop tool – MapTool ( Maptool is a free package and I encourage you to use it. It is however not required to use these maps as play aids.

There was once a mighty ancient huge Green Dragon, and it was slain by a great Hero, using the Golden Spear. The Dragon crashed to the earth and it was so huge that half its body lay buried. Only the Dragon wasn’t quite dead, but it was mortally wounded as long as the spear remained within it.

In time the Liche Lord Asteroth found the still dying dragon and using his necromantic powers converted the still living flesh into a mighty fortress for his demonic minions. He then retreated into the Dragons Brain to find all the great secrets hidden within.

His demonic minions and their servants however prospered, and extended his domain within and without of the Dragons living corpse.

The Green Dragon Fortress is an epic adventure for very powerful players. The enemies are numerous and well defended. The lair is a maze of living and dying flesh, where necromantic powers have altered the functions to suit the needs of the inhabitants. The environment itself will be hostile to the players.

Gms may use the Lair in a number of ways:

· As an epic mission to slay the evil Liche Lord.

· As a search and recover mission, to find the Golden Spear.

· As a series of raids, exploring the body and its various components.

· As a frantic and desperate mission to rescue someone held within.

Following are some broad notes and possibilities about the various areas within the body of the dragon. You may use these as a starting point for fleshing out the various areas and what they may contain.

Disclaimer: although I have corrected some of the more obvious errors in the ways things connect, these maps have been taken from my original notes from some time ago. Liberties have been taken in the positioning of organs and how they all connect, for the sake of a good story.